At Wellingtons Electricals we want to ensure you receive the complete start-to-finish customer care package that we pride ourselves on. When you buy an appliance from us you can choose to have it installed by one of our local, trained experts for the appropriate service charge as listed below. If you have any questions or concerns about installation please contact us in the first instance. We will do everything we can to get your appliance in place and up and running.

As part of our service to you, we will:

  • Unpack your new product, remove and recycle the packaging.
  • Connect the new appliance to existing pipework or electric supply (13 amp plug only)
  • Level and fit neatly into the space.
  • Should you wish for us to disconnect and recycle your old appliance, we can do this for a small service charge.


  • Dishwasher £29.99
  • Washing Machine £29.99
  • Washer Dryer £29.99
  • Tumble Dryer £29.99
  • Refrigeration £20
  • American Fridge Freezer £50
  • Electric Cooker £99.99
  • Gas Cooker £125
  • Dual Fuel Cooker £125
  • Range Cooker £125


  • Dishwasher £99.99
  • Washing Machine £99.99
  • Washer Dryer £99.99
  • Tumble Dryer £99.99
  • Refrigeration £99.99
  • Gas Oven £125
  • Electric Oven £99.99
  • Warming Drawer £99.99
  • Microwave £99.99
  • Hob (electric) £99.99
  • Hob (gas) £125
  • Dual Fuel Cooker £125
  • Cooker Hoods Estimate available on request


  • Standard TV (basic) £20
  • Smart TV £50
  • TV accessory £15

The service is available when replacing a like-for-like appliance, or where the appropriate fixtures are already in place. We will not connect any appliance if it does not meet safety guidelines, or poses a threat to the customer or the engineer.


Before ordering the installation service, you must ensure that:

  • Your new appliance will fit into the existing space existing pipework is easily accessible and access to it is uninterrupted from where the appliance in situated
  • For ‘wet’ appliances, such as washing machines, washer dryers and dishwashers the service will be carried out only to existing plumbing which is safe and free from leaks.
  • You must ensure your stop valves are working correctly.
  • Connection pipes and electrical sockets must be no further away than 1.5m.

Please note we do not carry out any extra plumbing or electrical services. Pipe work should be sound, and if found to be brittle or frail we will notify you before we proceed. We do not accept responsibility for any damage from floods or leaks after we leave your premises which may occur from used, worn or perished pipe work if you agree for us to proceed. In the event of your pipe work not being appropriate and safe to disconnect we will not be able to continue with the installation.

Regrettably, we cannot refund the fitting charge as this is allocated to the time for every job. Furthermore, you do not have the right to refuse the appliance if we cannot proceed with the installation. Faults on pipework and electrical faults on sockets are the customers responsibility to make safe before our installation team arrive. Should we be required to return to complete a fitting service once the faults have been rectified and made safe, re-delivery charges may apply.


You must ensure there is sufficient access for ventilation tubes if applicable.


Before ordering installation, in addition to the above, you should also ensure that:

  • The existing panel door is in a suitable condition to be refitted
  • Your new appliance will fit into the existing housing
  • There is easy access to the existing pipework/electricity supply
  • Your stop valves are working correctly (for the connection of wet appliances)
  • There is sufficient access for ventilation tubes (tumble dryers)
  • This service is only available when replacing an existing integrated or built-in appliance, and we only install to existing connections.

As part of our service, in addition to the above, we will also:

  • Do any basic carpentry work required (e.g. drilling holes)
  • Fit the existing panel door to the new appliance.

We will not:

  • Make any alterations to existing plumbing or electrical connections
  • Connect the appliance if it puts the fitter or customer at risk
  • Connect the appliance if it does not meet the safety guidelines
  • Make any alterations to stone worktops


We do not install LPG Cookers.


We will:

  • Mount your television on a suitable wall/stand
  • Set up your television so that it can pick up channels
  • Connect any ancillary equipment such as Blu-ray players, sound bars or games consoles.
  • Briefly demonstrate the basic remote-control functions.
  • Before ordering installation, you should ensure that: You have all compatible accessories and cables (we can advise you on what you need if you aren’t sure)
  • All cables will reach the TV There is easy access to the power supply
  • There are enough power sockets
  • It is easy to access where the TV is to be installed

We do not:

  • Do any cabling under floors
  • Alter any electrical connections in your property